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RCT / Endodontics

Total Comfort makes your concerns a thing of the past. Simplistically, the root canal in a tooth and its root(s) is like the "lead in a pencil". The "lead" is pulp tissue that is removed and replaced with sterile filling material. The root itself (the wood of the pencil) remains intact. Multiple associated procedures are also included in various root canal therapies. Our in house specialists are available

Single sitting RCT

When there is an acute infection with no pus accumalation in & around the tooth, Root canal treatment can be completed in a single sitting. The biggest diagnostic aid in this case is an X-ray. Which shows presence or absence of pus accumalation in the form of a Periapical Radioluency. X Ray shows Periapical Radioluency.

Rotary RCT

Rotary RCT